Ancient Roman Empire ruling over Haute Couture


Thousands of years ago the Ancient Roman Empire used to dominate the world.

Military it was indestructible and culturally it grew to be the best. To cut it short, between the years 27 BC, until 476 AD, Rome was the best, most powerful and strongest ruling presence in the whole world.

The Ancient Roman Empire

Ancient Romans were considered to be role models. We can say that Rome at that time was just like the United States today: as soon as a trend explodes in the U.S. it is immediately copied all over the world. So was the case of the Ancient Romans.

Women’s fashion was among one of the features that Romans were seeing as role models for. The most fascinating aspect of this, is that even nowadays a lot of fashion designers, especially from Haute Couture, follow the Ancient Roman style, and thanks to this, we could say that the Roman’s power is actually still living today, just under the form of a fashion trend.

WOMEN’S FASHION TRENDS DURING THE ANCIENT ROMAN EMPIRERoman_mosaic-_Love_Scene_-_Centocelle_-_Rome_-_KHM_-_Vienna

Originally women used to wear togas, but later on this practice was confined to prostitutes, so a new trend began to spread: wealthy ladies started to wear a stola over their tunics, and added up to the dress a high waist belt that was made of cow or goat’s leather. The colours of the outfits used to be quite rich and vivid, and the materials used to make the dresses were very fine and elaborated, mostly muslin and silks.


Alberta Ferretti




Alexander McQueen


Dolce and Gabbana


Herve Leger


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