Top 6 weirdest fashion trends in the world


If you thought that punks were weird, then you should take a look at this. Here is a detailed list of the top 6 weirdest, and sometimes most disgusting, fashion trends of the moment. Enjoy!

MEGGINS are similar to leggings, but they are specifically designed for men. Apparently this new vogue has been spreading all over the world, and a lot of fashion Maisons have been following it. Would you ever wear meggins…?


ELF MEXICAN BOOTS is the latest trend that has been gaining more and more popularity in Mexico. After showing a TV program about a man wearing these boots, a lot of people, mostly from the young generation, began to copy him, and little by little this became an actual fashion look.

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EYE JEWELLERY is a new trend that started in Netherlands. Normal rings, bracelets or earrings were not enough. Tooth diamonds were not enough. The latest invention: have a tiny precious stone implanted in your eyeball. Ouch…


FACEKINI is a Chinese creation. Apparently women in China wear it when they are on the beach. Would this be because they don’t want to tan their faces, or because they don’t want to be recognised? Whatever it is, the ugly truth is that they look like ninjas!


EYE TATTOO is not the ‘relatively’ normal one that people have around their eyes, this new vogue consists of having the eyeball tattooed with colours. Apparently it is quite fashionable to have yellow, blue or orange eyes nowadays..


I genuinely think that the BAGEL HEAD is the weirdest and most disgusting trend of the moment. Started in Canada, this vogue has reached Japan and it is now spreading all over the place. Having a bagel head means having 2 hours-long injection of a saline substance into your forehead, until it gets swollen and takes the shape of a bagel. Why would people want to do something like this to them?!

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