The world’s smallest art pieces


Nikolai Aldunin is a Russian artist known all over the world for his microscopic art. Indeed, the peculiarity of his work is that he creates objects that are only visible with a microscope.


Among his masterpieces, Nikolai is famous for the T-34 tank, which is a fraction of the size of an apple seed; the desert camels put in the eye of a needle and the Russian samovar, which is smaller than a grain of fine salt. All his pieces are made of gold and they are all composed by different parts…Imagine how stressful it can be to put together microscopic pieces of gold to create an actual object!



Here for you some of the pictures of Nikolai’s microscopic sculptures (god bless the zoom, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to see these masterpieces!)



Nikolai Aldunin and his microscope

Nikolai Aldunin and his microscope

Nikolai and his working table

Nikolai and his working table

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