It’s a Food’s World: Edible Artworks

Cheese Volcano by

Written by Valentina Romano

You know when you’re a kid and your parents tell you not to play with food?

Well these artists have broken this rule, and by playing with edible things they came up with incredible art pieces. From desserts, to main courses and fruits, here is a group of photos all capturing the amazing creations of several masterminds. The only thing that these artists have in common is the protagonist of their sculptures: food.

KYLE BEAN is a british artist that is know all over the country for his incredible creations all made of edible materials. Indeed, he was chosen to design the shopping windows of Selfridges using cake ingredients. The following art piece is a jelly hand granade that he called Soft Guerrilla.

Picture by Kyle Bean

RED HONG YI is a Malaysian artist that became famous thanks to her posts on Instagram. After re-creating important art pieces, such ad The Scream by Munch, using edible materials, she began to spread her art through social networks, and nowadays she’s considered one of the most popular art creators in Asia.

ALBERESCHI DI LATTE is not just one artist, but it’s a group of Italian architects who, by putting together their skills and creative ideas, came up with some of the most incredible art pieces.  Albereschi di Latte creates installations and street arts. Founded in 2001, the group is pretty popular in Italy and in Europe in general.

CARL KLEINER creates the most innovative portraits using food. This Swedish photographer combines Swedish simplicity with Japanese minimalistic art, and his food creations have been exposed in different museums all over the world, among which Beirut and Paris. The following art piece represents a chocolate bar tanning and at the same time melting for the heat.

ALISON ANSELOT is a British art director and photographer based in London. Her idea when she first created the following art piece, was to express the taste of the food using the colours. Indeed, for each edible thing used for the artwork, she re-created the same colour-tone for the background.

CARL WARNER is an English photographer whose artworks are all compositions of landscapes and fantastical places, all made of edible materials. He creates wonderlands full of fruits, vegetables and any kind of food available in nature.
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