Artistic Lunch-Box: strange ways to prepare food

lunchbox copertina

Written by Valentina Romano

Some parents fill up their kids’ lunch box with fruits, some others with sweets and candies.

Whether they want you children to be healthy, happy and satisfied about their meals, parents always try to prepare the best lunch box they can for their beloved!


However, we must admit that this father, who is based in California, U.S., has indeed won the prize for best ‘lunch-boxer-parent’ in the history of the human kind. Why? Just take a look at the following pictures and you will understand:
Beau Coffron, also known as the lunch box dad, has been creating some of the strangest and most eccentric food compositions, all recollecting cartoon characters.
He shared with the HuffPost that: “Not only did I start paying more attention to what she was watching, and playing with, but we also are able to talk more about her interests”, referring to his daughter.

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