Surreal Photography according to Sarolta Bán

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Interview by Valentina Romano

Artist-photographer Sarolta Bán tells The Golden Scope all about her creative works, revealing all the secrets behind her unique style.


How did you first come in contact with digital manipulation-photography?   

I learned digital processing by myself, just by trying and experimenting. I started the whole thing about 5 years ago and I’m getting more focused on the digital work since about 2 years ago. I have to tell, that I’m still learning it! The whole thing started when I had a picture from a house in Torino, I didn’t like the sky, so I grabbed one of my photos and changed it to a Hungarian sky. I was so delighted that I could do that. It makes me happy when I have an idea I can implement it to my picture.

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Is there any particular event from your childhood or university years that has inspired your career goals?   

I can not say a certain example, I was rather a creator from the very beginning of my childhood, ever since I can remember, I was doing something, I was plasticizing or I was building sand castles. I have been drawing all of my life. When I was a child, I learnt to draw before I could even walk or speak.

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What is the process you go through from when you capture the subjects you want to feature in you photos, to actually creating the surreal landscapes? (Technical steps)   

When I have the subject I chose the image I want to work with. I do ‘Selecting’ in Photoshop and prepare a new background for the image. I put the image in the background and start playing with the composition with the other elements. I see which fits to the image and which doesn’t, and that’s when I began to see whether the whole thing can ‘work’ or not. In the end I add shades and lights and I’m all done. 🙂 Seems really easy writing it down, but it’s actually not! 🙂

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What do you consider to be the biggest source of inspiration for your artworks?   

I simply get my inspiration from my everyday like, from whatever surrounds me.


 Could please tell me a bit about the “Help dogs with images” project? What inspired you to do it?   

Via my Facebook page, I ask people to upload photos of dogs, cats or other animals that are currently in shelters. I then create photo-montages from these images, Photoshopping animals in majestic and fantastically splendid settings where the pet takes center stage. The images are shared on my Facebook page of over 150,000 fans, along with a description, contact info and location of the animal in need of adoption. So far, I have received over 400 images to work on. As an extra nudge, future owners will receive a free print of the animal they adopted. Tucker, the black Labrador amidst the tall buildings and planes, is the first to the first to find a loving home through the project, adopted earlier this week at the Northwoods Humane Society in Wyoming. Help Dogs with Images continues through June 30th, 2014.

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Which is your favorite photo that you have ever taken and manipulated so far?   

My favorite image is the one of my sister, Luca (see the image above).


If you could describe your photography in 3 words, what would those words be?   

Surreal, tale, allegory.



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