Dušan Krtolica, the youngest ever artist

copertina duvan disegni

Written by Valentina Romano

Dušan Krtolica is the youngest artist in the world. He began to draw at the age of two, and he hasn’t stopped since!

Now 11 years old, the Serbian boy manages to create some of the most incredible drawings, featuring every single detail in all of the subjects that he ‘brings to life’ with his pencil.

foto 6

The young prodigy mainly draws plants and animals, and in particular, because like every other kid he is also fascinated by dinosaurs, he concentrates on drawing extinct species.

foto 10

Krtolica was given the opportunity to showcase his works in two national solo exhibitions, which are not just extremely hard to get for an artist, but usually, whoever gets selected to exhibit, is barely chosen for a second round.

foto 4

There is no doubt that this young artist is a genius: his works seem incredibly realistic, and a kid of that age would never be able to re-create such detailed and well drawn compositions.

foto 12
foto 11

11 years old  Dušan Krtolica definitely attracted The Golden Scope’s attention, as both himself and his drawings fall under the category of fascinating and wonderful!

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