Happy Animals Club: the story of a young hero

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Written by Valentina Romano

Absolutely fascinating is the story of a 9 years old boy who managed to create a shelter for stray animals. This young hero, born and raised in the Philippines, has been dreaming of building a home to protect and take care of cats and dogs that are mistreated and abandoned since the age of 7!

Romania Stray Dogs

Two years later – so today – young Ken launches, together with the help of his dad and few other donors, the ‘Animal Club”.


Father and son turned their garage into a real animal-orphanage, providing food, places to sleep and free-flow of cuddles and love for every dog and cat that enters the ‘Animal Club’.


Ken explains that:

My dad told me it would take a lot of money and 20 years for me to get an animal shelter. He said only grown ups can raise enough money to start an animal shelter.


He then continues:

Some very kind people who saw these pictures – he is referring to the photos on his website – donated money to help me take care of the dogs. Thanks to the money raised, now we can feed the animals with high quality canned food, and provide them with veterinary care. They all gained a LOT of weight, their open wounds healed, and their fur grew back. They also learned not to be scared of humans.

The young boy concludes after talking and explaining about how he managed to make his dream come true.


Little Ken definitely caught the attention of the The Golden Scope as he symbolizes something incredibly wonderful and fascinating: in other words he – a 9 years old kid – dreamt of achieving something and he actually went for it! Besides, Ken has been helping stray animals, providing them with a better life and a better story to tell.


For more information visit www.happyanimalsclub.org.

(Photos from www.happyanimalsclub.org)

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