Hirotoshi Ito: making stones look light and soft

copertina scultura creativa

Written by Valentina Romano

Unique and unusual are the stone sculptures made by Japanese artist Hirotoshi Ito.

Indeed, the Asian sculptor creates incredible stone compositions that no one else has ever tried or even thought of doing or replicating.


His artworks are definitely incomparable and absolutely fascinating, in that he manages to make rocks appear like soft objects.


In fact, being a stonemason before an artist, he can cut the stones into shapes that make them look flexible, soft and light!


To be honest it’s quite difficult to describe Hirotoshi’s masterpieces, as they are one of a kind, but in order for you to understand his art, you must take a look at the photos showing his sculptures.


Hirotoshi Ito explains that:

During my university years, I began show interest in expressing the hard metal as a soft material. After graduating, while operating the stonemason, which was what I was my occupation at that time, I started my own work production.


He then continues

Although I work with various kinds of stones, most of my work consists of optimizing a stone’s original shape.
I pick up stones from the riverbed located in my neighborhood, and while the image of the stone gives an idea of hardness, what I try to express with it is warmth, softness and humor.




(Photos by www.jiyuseki.com)

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