“The Art Toast Project” by Ida Frosk


Written by Valentina Romano

Talented Norwegian artist, Ida Skivenes, attracted The Golden Scope’s attention as she designs and creates really unique and strange artworks.

Ida creates art pieces made of fruits, bread, pasta, and whatever she feels like cooking or getting out of the fridge on that day. In particular, she has recently started a project called ‘The Art Toast’ where she re-creates famous canvas artworks on a slices of toast. In 2013 she actually published a book that collects and displays all her compositions!

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Ida explains on her blog that

“I started doing food art for fun on Instagram as @idafrosk in June 2012 and share my healthy, creative breakfasts with over 210,000 followers there. In my opinion, food should be fun, colorful and creative – and this is my way of sharing this with the world.”

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She then continues saying that she gets inspired by

“Many things: everyday events, funny word play, the shape of an ingredient, modern art, cartoons, films or other people’s food art I see online.”

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Ida is a new emerging artist, and since her first creation in 2012, she has been gaining more and more popularity, not only for the uniqueness of the material used for her artworks, but also for the fun and playful atmosphere she creates when she is showcases her pieces.

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Photos by Ida Frosk




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