Antonio Mora and his incredible portraits


Written by Valentina Romano

Antonio Mora has been charming the whole world with his incredible pieces featuring beautiful portraits blended with wonderful landscapes or unique objects.

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This Spanish artist, who was first a designer and an art director, decided to join the art industry to give free rein to his inexhaustible fantasy and creativity.

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Indeed, his artworks are unique expressions of natural panoramas or ordinary objects, combined with personal human shots. In other words, Mora mixes together – as it was mentioned above – portraits of people with stunning waterfalls, mountains, trees, lamps and many other objects and landscapes.

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On his profile it is described that:

He makes cocktails from images found in blogs and magazines, fusing them together.

The result of this fusion is an extraordinary and wonderful piece of art representing a portrait that blends into a beautiful image of a landscape.

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In Antonio Mora’s profile it is also explained that:

His originality takes root in the merger, in finding combinations that leave in the palate of our conscience flavors of evocation and mystery. Images that open a crack in our collective memory allowing us to watch, though only it is an instant the hybrid beings who populate our deepest dreams.

Antonio’s art is both realistic and abstract, and it is surely incredibly beautiful.

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(Photos by Antonio Mora –

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