Hasan Kale and food-miniature-art

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Written by Valentina Romano

From Turkey with love, the talented Hasan Kale is an artist that works on food, creating wonderful and unique miniature paintings.

a1 tiny-painting-food-hasan-kale-16

Definitely the one and only food-miniature-artist, this painter from Istanbul makes the most stunning and detailed artworks portraying mainly Turkish buildings. He also paints people and symbolic constructions from around the world, such as for example the Statue of Liberty from New York (see picture below).

a2 tiny-painting-food-hasan-kale-17

Hasan keeps his work quite secretive and the only way to ‘reach’ him and see his masterpieces, it’s through his Facebook page – www.facebook.com/microarthasankale

hasan 3ba3 tiny-painting-food-hasan-kale-6

It is still not clear how he can actually make such small paintings, and how he is able to work on food so well. Neither it is possible to know what inspires him, or when and how it first started, so for now the only thing The Golden Scope can share with you on this incredible artist, are pictures of his stunning pieces of art.

hasan 5

Enjoy the following composition of some of Hasan Kale’s best and most beautiful paintings!

tiny-painting-food-hasan-kale-12tiny-painting-food-hasan-kale-11tiny-painting-food-hasan-kale-14HASAN 2tiny-painting-food-hasan-kale-9tiny-painting-food-hasan-kale-7hasan 4tiny-painting-food-hasan-kale-5tiny-painting-food-hasan-kale-4HASAN 1btiny-painting-food-hasan-kale-3HASAN 1tiny-painting-food-hasan-kale-2tiny-painting-food-hasan-kale-1tiny-painting-food-hasan-kale-10hasan 3

(All photos are from Google.com, and they all belong to their original owners)

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