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Written by Valentina Romano

An incredibly talented mother who managed to turn the daily lunch packing for her two kids into a real artwork; Nina Levy is an American artist based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.


She is renowned worldwide for her “creative napkins” drawings, which have been circulating non-stop on the web for the past few years.

Drawings on napkins for my 6 and 10 year old sons’ lunches, based on their daily requests.


Says Nina explaining how she first started to draw on napkins.

What started out as a brief maternal indulgence for one child became a daily project for two. I have been drawing pictures on napkins for my sons’ lunch boxes every night for the last six years, approaching over 2,000 napkins so far.

She states on her official Facebook page: Daily Napkins


This talented mother was previously featured in The New York Times, Art in America, The Washington Post, as well as many other blogs and online publications.

This year I am mostly drawing for the younger son, as the older one is now able to eat in the school cafeteria. He certainly participates in coming up with nightly requests for images. I am often unable to live up to my sons expectations (often for multiple characters performing amazing feats) but I’ve tried to improve my drawing skills over the years.


Nina continues to explain that

Our napkins usually come back home along with all the uneaten food. I draw only in waterproof marker as the napkins used to come home with yogurt and ketchup. At this point, they are rarely used for their original purpose. As my older son told me, “oh, I only use the napkin to get attention, I just wipe my hands on my clothes.”

The mother-artist makes some really incredible drawings, and all this to make her two kids happy.


I am sure you would agree that her artworks are wonderful and fascinating; not to mention that they’re strange in that they’re made on paper napkins!

Nina surely deserves to be featured in The Golden Scope.

Below are some of her best and most creative creations. Enjoy.

Around 11 pm at our HouseCherry Blossoms with Cat and BirdFox With A Fishnapkin-art-110napkin-art-120napkin-drawings-daily-napkins-nina-levy-3napkin-drawings-daily-napkins-nina-levy-5napkin-drawings-daily-napkins-nina-levy-7napkin-drawings-daily-napkins-nina-levy-8napkin-drawings-daily-napkins-nina-levy-11napkin-drawings-daily-napkins-nina-levy-1212Nina-Levy-Napkin-Drawings-Attack-on-Titan12Nina-Levy-Napkin-Drawings-Corvo-Agent-47-and-Connor-Kenway12Nina-Levy-Napkin-Drawings-Minions-and-Aliens12photo-70544112photo-709921-624x55112WreckItRalphBunnymund12xTalented-Mum-Nina-Levy12820874_340060636098828_1503764126_oWinner of The TUACA Napkin Art Competition (Not For The Kids)The Artist, Nina LevyThe Kidsthe-cityroom-napkins1-blog480

To read more about Nina’s works visit: www.ninalevy.netwww.ninaslevy.blogspot.com –   www.ninalevy.tumblr.comwww.facebook.com/dailynapkins/



(Source: www.facebook.com/dailynapkins/)

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