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Written by Valentina Romano

Today is the 3rd of July, a date that to most of you might sound irrelevant, but that actually, back in 1914, marked the beginning of a new era for the Tibetan people.

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The Golden Scope decided to dedicate an article to the beautiful and wonderful country of Tibet, to commemorate the Simla Accord (also known as the Simla Conference), which was signed on the 3rd of July, 1914, by Great Britain, India and China with the purpose of defining the borders of Tibet and establishing its independence from the PRC.

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Anyway we chose to talk about Tibet not only for the Simla Accord, but also because it is an outstandingly beautiful country, where – almost – everyone dreams of going to. Or am I wrong?

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Try picturing yourself while sipping a warm tea in a remote mountain village surrounded by nature and breath-taking landscapes. No loud people, no cars or pollution, literally just you and the locals.

After having introduced the Simla Accord and explained why today is such an important date for Tibet; I can finally move forward and tell you about the most beautiful places to go visit when there.

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The capital city is Lhasa, so when you fly to Tibet you would land there. However, the only international flight that enters the borders of Tibet is from Katmandu, so you must to transit to Nepal, or you won’t able to reach Lhasa.

tibet 13 ok landmark-of-the-famous-historic-potala-palace-in-lhasaOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAtibet 12 ok jokhang-temple-in-lhasa-tibettibet 3 ok_balkony_and_golden_roof_jokhang_temple

You should spend one night in the capital to have a look around and get to know the Tibetan culture; and then you should take a train and begin to travel around. The cities that The Golden Scope thinks you should go visit are:

Gyantse – to view the yellow monastery (Pelkor Choede); and the Gyantse Dzong, which is an old fort that has been turned into a museum.

tibet 61 gyantse

Qamdo – to view the Neydo Tashi Choeling, a Buddhist monastery surrounded by an incredible panorama.

tibet 59 neydo

In addition to this, when you are in Tibet you should also go visit the former residence of Dalai Lama (Potala Palace), Namtso lake, Tashihunpo Monastery, Mount Kailash, and the summer residence for the previous Dalai Lamas the Norbulingka Palace.

tibet 15 ok MiniPotalaPalaceChengde
tibet 30 ok zhaxi island
Tibet 60 Tashilhunpo-monastery-3737
tibet 58 kailash
tibet 17 ok palatul-norbulingka-lhasa-3341


tibet 10 oktibet 7 oktibet 8 oktibet 14 ok mansarovar-lake-viewtibet 19 ok see-amazing-scenery-in-the-tibet-traintibet 16 ok monasterio-budista-525aed4371e9atibet 22 ingrandiretibet 23 oktibet 24 oktibet 25 ingrandiretibet 26 ingrandiretibet 29 ok Yeshe-Tsogyaltibet 27 oktibet 28 ok yarlong-tsangpo-riversidetibet 31 oktibet 32 oktibet 33 oktibet 34 oktibet 35 ok“Detail Summer Palace” by Susan Marie Davis; Tibettibet 37 oktibet 38 oktibet 40 oktibet 41 oktibet 42 oktibet 43 oktibet 44 oktibet 20 oktibet 46 oktibet 47 oktibet 48 ingrandiretibet 49 ingrandiretibet 50 oktibet 54 oktibet 53 ok Potala_Palace_exteriortibet 52 oktibet 51 oktibet 45 ingrandire

(All photos are from Google, and they all belong to their original owners)

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