Stunning colourful landscapes

By Matt Walker
By Matt Walker

Written by Valentina Romano

As we noticed that you enjoyed the article on the most colourful cities of the world, we decided to do a little research on the most naturally colourful landscapes too.

This way we could compare human’s work with Nature’s.

What do you personally believe is more beautiful: an authentic colourful small town OR a level ground completely covered in red flowers?

Actually there isn’t really a right or wrong answer to this, as it all depends on personal tastes. Indeed, some people might not be so outdoorsy so they would prefer the town, and some others just love to be immersed in nature and would go for the second option.

Anyway, The Golden Scope found numerous places “exclusively painted” by Nature, which are worth taking a look.

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Starting from China, to the Netherlands, Australia and Japan, the following photos capture some of the most stunning natural sceneries from all over the world!

What you could do now is admire these shots, and whenever you’re ready to leave just pick one of the spots listed below and head there to see for yourself how beautiful – wonderful – fascinating and unique they are.

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To conclude, I would like to quote Rachel Carson, famous American marine biologist known for her book “Silent Spring”.

Those who contemplate the beauty of the earth find reserves of strength that will endure as long as life lasts.

BINALONG BAY, TASMANIAbinalong bay bay of fires tasmania

BLACK FOREST, GERMANYblack-forest-germany-940x528

CANO CRISTALES RIVER, COLUMBIAcano cristales river columbia 1cano cristales river columbia 2

BONN, GERMANYbonn-germany

LUOPING, YUNNAN, CHINAcanola-flower-fields-luoping-yunnan-chinacanola-flower-fields-luoping-yunnan-china 1canola-flower-fields-luoping-yunnan-china 2

CHAMAREL, MAURITIUSchamarel mauritius

KYOTO, JAPANDaigo-ji-Temple-Kyoto-Japan

DALLOL, ETHIOPIAdallol ethiopia

DUBAI MIRACLE GARDEN, DUBAIdubai miracle garden

JIUZHAIGUO VALLEY, CHINAfive flowers lake jiuzhaiguo valley china

GRAND CANYON, ARIZONA, USAhavasu falls grand canyon arizona usa

KITAKYUSHU, JAPANkawachi-fuji-garden kitakyushu japan

KEUKENHOF PARK, LISSE, HOLLANDkeukenhof park lisse holland

KILLUX SPOTTED LAKE, CANADAkillux spotted lake canada

LAGUNA COLORADA, BOLIVIAlaguna colorada bolivia

HILLIER LAKE, MIDDLE ISLAND, AUSTRALIAlake hillier middle island australia 1lake hillier middle island australia 2lake hillier middle island australia 3

PROVENCE, FRANCElavender fields provence francelavender fileds provence france 2

YELLOWSTONE NATIONAL PARK, WYOMING, USAmorning glory pool yellowstone national park wyoming usa 1morning glory pool yellowstone national park wyoming usa 2

NAMAQUALAND, NAMIBIAnamaqualand namibia 1namaqualand namibia 2

PANJIN RED BEACH, CHINApanjin red beach china

PUENTE DEL INCA, ARGENTINApuente del inca argentina tagliare

MINDANAO, PHILIPPINESrainbow eucalyptus groves mindanao philippinesrainbow eucalyptus mindanao philippines 2

RETBA LAKE, SENEGALretba lake senegal 1retba lake senegal 1bretba lake senegal 2 resize

RIO TINTO, SPAINRio-Tinto-spain 1rio-tinto-spain 2

ROTURUA HOT SPRING, NEW ZEALANDroturua hot spring new zealand

SHARK BAY, AUSTRALIAshark bay australiashark bay australia 1 ingrandireshark-bay

HOKKAIDO, JAPANtakinoue park hokkaido japan

TULIP FIELDS, HOLLANDtulip fields hollandtulip fields holland 2

UTTARAKHAND, INDIAvalley of flowers uttarakhand india

YUANYANG COUNTY, CHINAyuanyang county china

ZHANGYE DANXIA, CINAzhangye danxia chinazhangye danxia china 2

(All photos are from, and they all belong to their original owners)

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