Underground Expeditions: all on where to go pt. 2

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Written by Valentina Romano

Since a lot of you enjoyed our previous article on underground expeditions, I thought of writing another one featuring more underground places for you to go visit.

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Amongst the expeditions that The Golden Scope decided to include in this piece, are: Kungur Cave in Russia, Cappadocia’s underground cities in Turkey, Napoli Sotterranea in Italy and Mexico’s underground rivers.



Kungur Cave is located inside the ice mountain of Kungur, not far from the city of Perm in Russia. When there it will be possible to choose between two underground tours, both of which are only 2 km long. Kungur Cave was first discovered in 1733 by Professor I.G. Gmelin, and since then the cave has been subject to several experiment and scientific researches.Kungur Ice Cave 1Kungur Ice Cave 2 tagliareKungur Ice Cave 2aKungur Ice Cave 2b ingrandireKungur Ice Cave 4Kungur Ice Cave 5 tagliareKungur Ice Cave 5bKungur Ice Cave 6Kungur Ice Cave 7Kungur Ice Cave 8Kungur Ice Cave 9Kungur Ice Cave 10Kungur Ice Cave 11




When in Cappadocia , Turkey, you must go visit the underground cities ofTatlarin, Derinkuyu, Ozkonak, Mazi Village, Kaymakli and Gaziemir. All those towns were built in caves or under the ground as a defence mechanism against enemies and animals. People habiting Cappadocia during the Bronze Age – which was the era during which those cities were built – did not have the means to build walled cities, so in order to protect themselves they hid underground or inside caves.cappadocian underground cities  1Ancient cavetown near Goreme, Cappadocia, Turkeycappadocian underground cities  1ccappadocian underground cities  1dcappadocian underground cities  2 resizecappadocian underground cities  2b tagliarecappadocian underground cities  2cCappadocia - Kaymakli Underground Citycappadocian underground cities  2fcappadocian underground cities  2g ingrandireCappadocia - Kaymakli Underground Citycappadocian underground cities  2i



Everyone must have heard of the beautiful city of Napoli – Naples – the place where pizza was first invented. Well, what people don’t really know about this city, is that below those chaotic streets, there is a hidden town: the so-called Napoli Sotterranea. This underground town is composed by a group of caves all linked together by small tunnels. During the 1st and 2nd World Wars people used to hide for weeks inside those caves to escape from bombs. Before becoming a city, Napoli Sotterranea was an aqueduct.naples underground city 1naples underground city 1bnaples underground city 1cnaples underground city 2naples underground city 3 resizenaples underground city 4naples underground city 5naples underground city 6naples underground city 6bnaples underground city 6cnaples underground city 7SAMSUNGnaples underground city 8bnaples underground city 8b1naples underground city 9




The Mayan Riviera in Mexico doesn’t just have stunning beaches and amazing historical towns, but it also offers incredible underground tours! Alltournative, Rio Secreto and Hidden Worlds are the three best underground expeditions that one could do. During the first one – Alltournative – you will have the chance to swim under water, and don’t forget to bring mask and snorkel or you won’t be able to see what’s hiding at the bottom of the cave. The Rio Secreto is an underground river that can be visited during a 2 hours guided tour. Finally, the Hidden Worlds is an adventure park totally built underground. This adventure park is a must-visit as it is absolutely unique.yucatan underground river 1Cenote dive #2 called Dream Gate.yucatan underground river 1cyucatan underground river 2yucatan underground river 2byucatan underground river 2cyucatan underground river 3yucatan underground river 3byucatan underground river 4yucatan underground river 5 ingrandireyucatan underground river 6yucatan underground river 7yucatan underground river 8 ingrandireyucatan underground river 9 tagliareyucatan underground river 10

(All photos are from Google.com, and they all belong to their original owners)

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