UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites of Finland


Written by Valentina Romano

Finland is known worldwide for being Father Christmas’ birth place and home country.

Everyone must have heard, or seen in movies, the beautiful snowy level grounds and colourful aurora borealis framing Father Christmas’ home.

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Well, all this actually exists and it’s not part of a kid’s story or of a movie set!

Indeed, Finland is all about Husky safaris, trekking in the snow and watching the stunning colours filling up the sky at night (aurora borealis).

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If you ever want to go on holiday in Finland, then you should check out the following places listed under the UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

Most of them are not renowned, and this is what makes them so beautiful and unique.

acopertina antica chiesa di petäjävesi

UNESCO picked 7 sites from Finland: 1 natural and 6 cultural. Among these 7, The Golden Scope decided to show you the most beautiful ones – the ones that you definitely cannot miss when there.

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Kvarken Archipelago – This is the only natural site under UNESCO World Heritage List. The Kvarken Archipelago is located in the Gulf of Bothnia, in the Baltic Sea and it is composed by 5,600 islands. This place features unusual debris – positioned on every islet – formed by the melting of the continental ice sheet, about 10,000 to 24,000 years ago.

Fortress of Suomenlinna – This military fortress was built in the 18th century by the Swedish and it is located at the entrance of Helsinki’s harbour.

Old Rauma – Rauma is one of the oldest harbours in Finland, and it is built around a Franciscan monastery. This old city can be dated back to the 1400s.

Petäjävesi Old Church – This beautiful church was built between 1763 and 1765. Completely made of logs, Petäjävesi is a clear example of how the Scandinavian architecture of the 18th century looked like.

antica chiesa di petäjävesi 1antica chiesa di petäjävesi 2antica chiesa di petäjävesi 3antica chiesa di petäjävesi 4antica chiesa di petäjävesi 5antica chiesa di petäjävesi 6antica chiesa di petäjävesi 7antica chiesa di petäjävesi 8antica chiesa di petäjävesi 9antica chiesa di petäjävesi 10antica chiesa di petäjävesi 11 ingrandireantica chiesa di petäjävesi 12OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAantica chiesa di petäjävesi 14antica chiesa di petäjävesi 15antica chiesa di petäjävesi 16

arcipelago kvarken 1 ingrandirearcipelago kvarken 2arcipelago kvarken 3arcipelago kvarken 4 ingrandirearcipelago kvarken 5arcipelago kvarken 6 tagliarearcipelago kvarken 7arcipelago kvarken 9 resizearcipelago kvarken 10arcipelago kvarken 11 ingrandirearcipelago kvarken 12arcipelago kvarken 13arcipelago kvarken 13aarcipelago kvarken 13barcipelago kvarken 13carcipelago kvarken 13darcipelago kvarken 15arcipelago kvarken 15a


fortezza di suomenlinna 1 resizefortezza di suomenlinna 1afortezza di suomenlinna 1bfortezza di suomenlinna 2fortezza di suomenlinna 3fortezza di suomenlinna 4fortezza di suomenlinna 5fortezza di suomenlinna 6fortezza di suomenlinna 7fortezza di suomenlinna 8fortezza di suomenlinna 9fortezza di suomenlinna 10bfortezza di suomenlinna 11fortezza di suomenlinna 11bfortezza di suomenlinna 11cfortezza di suomenlinna 12

SONY DSCrauma 2rauma 3rauma 4rauma 5 taglare resizerauma 6rauma 7rauma 8rauma 8b tagliarerauma 9rauma 10 tagliarerauma 11rauma 12rauma 13rauma 14 ingrandirerauma 15 tagliarerauma 16 tagliarerauma 17 tagliarerauma 18 tagliarerauma 19rauma 20rauma 21


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5 responses to “UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites of Finland

  1. Well, well, great post indeed. I have made nearly from every place here presented a post. I love the old church of Petajavesi and I have presented it in winter and summer.

    Petajavesi is gorgeous as I said, but this old wooden church I find more spectacular (my personal opinion):

    Old wooden church of Pyhamaa.

    I just wonder why it is not on UNESCO’s list! What comes to gorgeous and unique buildings during winter in Finland, this is “must to see”.

    World’s Biggest Snow Castle.

    There is also video.

    Happy blogging!

    • Hello!! First of all I am glad you enjoyed this post 🙂 and thanks for sharing yours too, I just had a look at both and the places are really magical, you are right they should be under the UNESCO’s World Heritage List too!! By the way your blog is really interesting, keep on with your articles!
      Have a great day! 🙂

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