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Written by Valentina Romano

As you may know The Golden Scope is an online magazine that features anything that is fascinating wonderful and strange.

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For this reason, today we are focusing the world’s most beautiful, fascinating and wonderful places.

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This might sound a bit generic and you’re probably wondering what kind of places we are referring to, natural landscapes or cultural towns?

After a long research, we realised that there are so many places on this planet – both natural and cultural – that are not so renowned, and so people don’t know of their existence.

a x testo 4 Athabasca Falls At Dusk, Jasper, Alberta, Canada

Since those spots are absolutely stunning, we figured it’s a shame that they are kept “secret”, so we chose a few for you to have a look, and maybe one day go visit.

a x testo 5 Cathedral Cove, New Zealand

Wind Cathedral, Namib Desert, Namibia 

The Wind Cathedral it’s a wonderful natural construction made of sand. Year-after-year the wind has pushed and blown the sand giving it the shape of a tall ‘building’. The Wind Cathedral is located in the Namib Desert, which is a coastal desert in southern Africa.
Wind Cathedral Namibia 1Wind Cathedral Namibia 2Wind Cathedral Namibia 3dsc_1370 Big Dune and trees, road to Sossusvlei, Namib DesertWind Cathedral Namibia 4 resizeWind Cathedral Namibia 5Wind Cathedral Namibia 6 taglDESERT DUNESWind Cathedral Namibia 8 resizeWind Cathedral Namibia 9Wind Cathedral Namibia 10 taglWind Cathedral Namibia 11Wind Cathedral Namibia 12 taglWind Cathedral Namibia 13Wind Cathedral Namibia 15 tagl

Capilla de Marmol, General Carrera Lake, Chilean Patagonia

Capilla de Marmol is a cave made of white marble and fluvial erosion. It is situated in the General Carrera Lake, which is shared between Argentina and Chile. Capilla de Marmol can be found in the Chilean side of the lake. This spot is incredibly stunning as the light color of the marble reflects into the water making the place look like a magical world.
General Carrera Lake 1General Carrera Lake 2General Carrera Lake 3Capilla de Marmol, Lago General Carrera, ChileGeneral Carrera Lake 5General Carrera Lake 7General Carrera Lake 8General Carrera Lake 9General Carrera Lake 10General Carrera Lake 11General Carrera Lake 12 resizeGeneral Carrera Lake 13 taglGeneral Carrera Lake 14 taglGeneral Carrera Lake 15General Carrera Lake 16

Copperfield Bay, Musha Cay, Bahamas

Musha Cay is a beautiful private island located in the Southern Bahamas. It is owned by illusionist David Copperfield and its most beautiful beach is the Copperfield Bay. This is a strip of fine white sand positioned right in the middle of the ocean, and completely surrounded by crystal clear waters. Even if the island is privately owned, it is possible to stay over for a night or tow and/or to dine. For more information visit
Bahamas-Copperfield-Bay-Musha-Cay 1Bahamas-Copperfield-Bay-Musha-Cay 2Bahamas-Copperfield-Bay-Musha-Cay 3Bahamas-Copperfield-Bay-Musha-Cay 4Bahamas-Copperfield-Bay-Musha-Cay 5Bahamas-Copperfield-Bay-Musha-Cay 6Bahamas-Copperfield-Bay-Musha-Cay 7Bahamas-Copperfield-Bay-Musha-Cay 8Bahamas-Copperfield-Bay-Musha-Cay 9Bahamas-Copperfield-Bay-Musha-Cay 10

Hvitserkur, Iceland

Positioned in Northern Iceland, Hvitserkur is a 15 meters high boulder located in the sea. The shape of the rock has been made by the water and wind eroding the stone. Hvitserkur is a good place to spot seals and it is reachable by car from Blönduós – a town 245 km from Reykjavík.
Hvitserkur, North Iceland 1Hvitserkur, North Iceland 2Hvitserkur, North Iceland 3Hvitserkur, North Iceland 4Hvitserkur, North Iceland 5Hvitserkur, North Iceland 6Hvitserkur, North Iceland 7Hvitserkur, North Iceland 8Hvitserkur, North Iceland 9 taglHvitserkur, North Iceland 10


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