Cecelia Webber’s Body Art


Written by Valentina Romano

The beautiful and talented Cecelia Webber has definitely attracted The Golden Scope’s attention.

This young artist makes some of the most strange, fascinating and wonderful artworks. By using the human body, she constructs intricate tessellations that represent the natural world. In order to do that, Cecelia uses photos that she personally digital-manipulates, of nude human forms.


At first you won’t be able to notice the beauty and peculiarity of Cecelia’s pieces. What you have to do is take a closer look and concentrate on the particularities of the subjects.

Her art implicates the viewer in its form, evoking our complex relationship with our bodies and nature. Her art has been featured around the world.


Cecelia loves to capture natural subject as when she was a child, she spent most of her childhood outdoors, exploring and getting to know Nature.

Her deep appreciation for nature, along with her scientific background, give her a deep awareness of organic forms that she draws upon to concoct pieces bearing a unique interplay between colours, shapes, and models’ bodies.


Cecelia’s artworks are incredibly unique in that they need the viewers to do a double take on the pieces. To fully understand and appreciate her work, people cannot just superficially admire the surface, but they need to deeply scrutinise the pieces.


You will understand when you take a look at the pictures below, featuring Cecelia Webber’s most beautiful artworks.

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(Photo by Cecelia Webber)

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