Feather designs by Chris Maynard

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Written by Valentina Romano

Chris Maynard is an American artist based in Olympia in Washington State.

He is renowned worldwide for making incredibly detailed artworks with bird’s feathers.


Even thou Chris has been fascinated by feathers since the age of 12, he only started working on them from 2010. In only four years he managed to gain popularity all over the world attracting the attention of collectors and press.

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The Golden Scope decided to feature Chris’ works as both the process he follows to make his pieces, and the material used (feathers) are absolutely unique. Thinking about it, who else uses birds’ feathers to make artworks?

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Chris believes that

feathers mark nature’s pinnacle of achievement: the intersection of function and beauty. They make flight possible, insulate against water, sun and wind; and their colours and patterns help them hide and attract mates.

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According to the artist

Each feather is a small bit of perfection. When birds shed or discard their feathers every year, I recycle them in my art [….] My work with feathers gives me a satisfying perch from which to view the world.

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Chris’ favourite tools to make his incredible artworks are the tiny eye surgery scissors, forceps, and magnifying glasses passed down through his family.


Enjoy the following shots capturing Chris Maynard’s masterpieces.

achris-maynard-feather-silhouette-art-7.jpeg.650x0_q85_crop-smartafeather-dioramas-chris-maynard-3afeather-dioramas-chris-maynard-7c28-impeyan-park_by_Chris-Maynard600_781Choices-F-detailChris-Maynard-feather-art-05Chris-Maynard-feather-art-012 tagchris-maynard-feathers-6chris-maynard-feather-silhouette-art-1.jpeg.662x0_q100_crop-scaleCockatoo tagcranes-flying_by_Chris-Maynard600_399Dance-turaco-WEBwmfeather01feather05feather08Feather_Art_By_Chirs_Maynard-001featherart05feather-art-chris-maynard1-600x400feather-art-chris-maynard11feather-art-christ-maynard-21feather-dioramas-chris-maynard-5Feather-Marvels-by-Chris-Maynard9-640x813feathers-1feathers-2feathers-3feathers-5JaySunBather-1WEBwmMiracles of Feathers by Chris Maynard tagresurgance_by_Chris-Maynard600_800singing-bird-7_by_Chris-Maynard600_763tYWEyY2NjUnique-Feather-Designs-Chris-Maynard-3

For more information visit www.featherfolio.com or go on Chris’ Facebook page.com.

(All the photos are taken from Google.com, and all belong to their original owners)

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