Incredible 3D pencil drawings

By Ben Heine
By Ben Heine

Written by Valentina Romano

For today’s article The Golden Scope is focusing on some really incredible and fascinating artworks.

Drawn with a simple pencil on a simple piece of paper, the following drawings can prove how something with no dimensions could actually appear like a 3D object!

Drawing by Alessandro Diddi’s

a x testo 194439599 alessandro diddi


As we were researching 3D pencil artists to include in this post, we found that there are so many talented individuals in the world. So we decided to feature them all and compile their works all together, showcasing the different styles and subject depicted.


Drawing by Fredo

a x testo fredo7111


The artists to be featured in this article are: Ramon Bruin, Alessandro Diddi, Fredo, Julia Barinova, Muhammad Ejleh, Vamos Art, Carmenharada, Iza-nagi, Nagai Hideyuki and Gray hood. All these people come from different parts of the world, and despite that, they all share the same interest and skills for 3D drawings.


Drawing by Hidejuki Nagai


As you can notice, all the artists make drawings that look like statue and/or real things. Using the “trompe-l’oeil” technique, the authors of these pieces hypnotise people making them believe that they’re looking at a 3dimensional thing. Indeed, the “trompe-l’oeil” is an art technique that uses realistic imagery to create the optical illusion that the depicted objects exist in three dimensions.


Drawing by Muhammad Ejleh

3d-pencil-drawings-1  Muhammad Ejleh


The Golden Scope is absolutely amazed by the skills that these artists have. The way they make something flat and with no dimension look like a living 3D thing is incredible. This is why we decided not to omit any of the 10 individuals and feature most of their works.

Enjoy the following photos capturing the world’s most fascinating 3D pencil drawings!

Drawing by Fredo

a x testo fredo Best-and-Stunning-3D-


Drawing by Iza Nagi

3d-pencil-drawings-2  Iza-nagi


Drawing by Fredo

fedro 170009_330912


Drawing by Carmenharada

3d-pencil-drawings-8  Carmenharada


Drawing by Ramon Bruin

ramon bruin 2eg79sn


Drawing by Fredo

fedro fotografia-matita


Drawing by Muhammad Ejleh

3d-pencil-drawings-9 Muhammad Ejleh


Drawing by Alessandro Diddi

3d-pencil-drawings-20 Alessandro Diddi


Drawings by Hidejuki Nagai





Drawing by Ramon bruin

ramon bruin 496921


Drawing by Alessandro Diddi

3d-pencil-drawings-21  Alessandro Diddi


Drawings by Hidejuki Nagai


3d-pencil-drawings-24  Nagai Hideyuki


Drawing by Gray Hood

3d-pencil-drawings-28  Gray Hood


Drawing by Ramon Bruin

ramon bruin disegni-3d


Drawings by Hidejuki Nagai




Drawing by Julia Barinova

3d-pencil-drawings-32 Julia Barinova


Drawing by Vamos Art

3d-pencil-drawings-101  Vamos Art


Drawing by Hidejuki Nagai



Drawing by Fredo

3d-pencil-drawings-121 fedro


Drawings by Ramon Bruin

3d-pencil-drawings-106 ramon bruin



Drawings by Hidejuki Nagai





Drawing by Ramon Bruin



Drawing by Alessandro Diddi

3d-pencil-drawings-114  Alessandro Diddi


Drawing by Fredo

3d-pencil-drawings-116 fedro


Drawing by Ramon Bruin



Drawings by Hidejuki Nagai





(All the photos are taken from, and all belong to their original owners)

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