Wonderful Rock Formations 2

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Written by Valentina Romano

Did you have a look at our previous article on wonderful rock formations? I am asking you this because this post is the sequel.


As our planet hides numerous strange, wonderful and beautiful rocks and mountains, we figured it would be too limited to compile them all in just one post. Hence we prepare a “wonderful rock formations 2”.


All the featured rock formations are artworks made by Mother Nature—as I mentioned in the previous article—and they are all designed and shaped by external agents such as water flows, like rivers and sea, or wind and rain.


The fascinating aspect of those rock formations is the shape they follow. In the previous post we saw the Arches National Park in Utah, where there are thin arches dug in the mountains; or even the Kannesteinen in Norway, a stone that has the shape of a heart.

In this article we decided to feature other incredible rock formations for you to have a look at, and maybe go visit and see for yourself.


The focus of today’s post is on: Stone forest in Eastern China; Mono Lake moonrise in Eastern Sierras; Sea Cave in Portugal, and last, but not least, Hancock Gorge in Western Australia.

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I could go on describing each one of those rock formations, but I am sure that you will get bored reading all that, so I thought the best way to present those beautiful artworks, is by showing you photos of them and let your imagination decide what is the shape they follow.


Stone Forest, Kunming, Yunnan, China
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Sea Caves, Algarve, Portugal
sea caves 1sea caves 2sea caves 3sea caves 4sea caves 5sea caves 6sea caves 7sea caves 8sea caves 9sea caves 10sea caves 11sea caves 12sea caves 13sea caves 14

Hancock Gorge, Karijini National Park, Australia
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Moon Lake Moonrise, Eastern Sierras, California, USA
mono 1mono 1amono 2mono 2amono 3mono 5mono 6mono 7mono 8mono 9mono 10


(All the photos are taken from Google.com, and all belong to their original owners)

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