Horror pumpkin carvings


Since Halloween is only two days away, we thought of publishing an article that would give you goose bumps.

As you all might know Wednesday is The Golden Scope’s art-day, meaning that we publish articles on artists and their peculiar works.

Today we concentrate on an exceptionally talented sculptor, John Neill, who carves pumpkins, making them look as scary as hell.

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Neill doesn’t only carve pumpkins, but he specializes in conceptual design, illustration, specialty prop, creature and costume creation for television and feature films, as well as sculpting for the toy industry, museum exhibits, television and feature films.

Indeed, he worked on The Hunger Games, Anchorman 2, Spiderman, Green Hornet, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, and many other world famous movies.

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Despite his incredible works for Hollywood, during the past couple of weeks, Neill has been gaining popularity on the web thanks to its creepy-scary-terrifying pumpkin carving art.

Take a peek into Neill’s horrifying pumpkins, and happy Halloween (in advance).

click on the gallery to view the images 

For more information visit John Neill’s websites: John Neill, Neill Art Studios


(Photo by John Neill)

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