Best travel photos of the month


By now you must have realized that The Golden Scope explores the strange, fascinating and wonderful by publishing photos that show the beauty of the world.

In each article we feature about 60 to 100 pictures so we can give you the chance to actually “travel” to the places described and see for your self how unique and beautiful they are.


Because we—at The Golden Scope—are big fans of travel photography, we decided to create a monthly column focusing on the most stunning, incredible and fascinating shots taken anywhere in world.

In other words, we have been monitoring the web for over 30 days collecting what we believe are the most beautiful travel photography of the month.


Following are the pictures we chose; however, if you believe that there are better photos out there, please feel free to let us know and we will include your shots too!




  • Colosseum, Rome by Gabriele Forzano
  • Ballintoy Harbour, Northern Ireland by Stephen Emerson
  • Afrikaans Language Monument, South Africa by Graeme Williams
  • Mount Everest by Cory Richards
  • Rome, Italy by Carolina de Heine
  • Huaraz, Peru by Heiko Meyer
  • Brentwood, Tennessee by Robbin Gibson
  • Chios, Greece by Kayla
  • Havana, Cuba by Wasbella
  • Larung, China by Lei He
  • New York City by Aline Vissoto
  • Entry Temple, Japan by Amy Laslow
  • Redwoods, California by Susan Viljoen 
  • Positano, Italy by Deborah Johns Kuhn
  • Inside Vatican by Karen McDonald
  • Lake Bled, Slovenia by Funnerl
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil by Aline Vissoto
  • Lapland, Finland by Julius Rintamäki
  • Bagan, Myanmar by Zay Yar Lynn
  • San Francisco, California by Arthur Chang
  • Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany by Ilhan Eroglu
  • Catalonia Spain by David Oliete
  • Yamanouchi, Shimotakai District, Japan by Jasper Doest
  • Pomerania, Poland by Kacper Kowalski
  •  Li River in Yangshou, China by Alexandre Oman
  • Varanasi, India by G.M.B. Akash
  • Tanzania by Johansen Krause
  • Devils Tower, Wyoming by Aaron Huey
  • Prague Castle, Prague by Francesco Vignali
  • Durbar Square, Kathmandu by Kwok Hung Chan
  • Theyyam performer, India by Rafal Ziejewski
  • Olympic National Park, Washington by Justin Jung
  • Delicate Arch, Arches National Park by Thomas Piekunka
  • Ice Cream Vendor, Turkey by Harry Hartanto
  • Kamnik Alps, Slovenia by Zoran Stanko
  • Michigan by Vincent Brady


(Most photos are taken from National Geographic)

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