Parallel Worlds by Michal Karcz


Since The Golden Scope’s readers are big fans of digital photography, today we prepared an article on Michal Karcz’s Parallel Worlds.

Michal is a Polish photographer based in Warsaw whose biggest passions have always been photography and painting.

He shares on his website that his love for painting was actually what inspired and developed his visual techniques.

My early fascinations for painting and photography combined into one piece with the use of digital tools. Digital photography and software gave me the opportunity to generate unique realities that were impossible to create with an ordinary dark room technique.

If you pay attention to the artworks, most of the places that Michal captures and manipulates do not exist. All those places are products of his dreams, desires, imagination and fears.

Michal’s biggest source of inspiration for his works is music.

I can tell that music has the biggest impact on my work. It’s an inseparable element with pictures in mind, a kind of sound illustration to a visible scenery.

Take a peek into Michal Karcz’s Parallel Worlds photography, and let the artist transport you into his imaginary reality.



To view more visit Michal’s website and Facebook page


(Photos by Michal Karcz)

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