Artistic paper cuttings by Maude White


Maude White is a very talented artist based in the Hudson Valley in the U.S. What she does has nothing to do with painting or sculpting; her art is, indeed, way more interesting and fascinating than that. She cuts paper!

Do you remember when you were in kindergarten, or elementary school and used to cut sheets of paper to create symmetrical shapes? Well, she sort of bases her art on that, but she obviously mastered the process. She can make beautiful animals, and any kind of shape by just cutting small bits of paper.

When looking at her works, it could seem impossible to think that they are all hand made as they are incredibly detailed. Her work is done on the macro as well as the micro level. Maude also enjoys playing with positive and negative space to create fantastic scenes and stories.

On her official website, Maude is described as a craftsperson who has a deep respect for the paper she transforms.

In an interview she gave to an art magazine, she shares that:

I cut paper because I feel like I have to. It is a way for me to relax and be in control. Many times, the cutting becomes a meditative act. I’ve been called an obsessive worker and it’s true; I have OCD. I am really proud of myself that I have found a way to use that part of my mind to create something. I’m just getting started. With every piece I cut I learn something new about the paper and my relationship with the paper and the knife. We are constantly evolving. I’m excited to learn more and cut more.


(Photos from Maude White’s official Facebook page)

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