Body painting by Shannon Holt


Do you remember the talented artist Guido Daniele? He gave us an exclusive interview a few months ago. Anyway, his work is incredible, as he paints on people’s hands turning them into animals. If you don’t remember him, then click on the link below and take a look at his art.

Guido Daniele on his “hand-painting art”

The reason why I brought him up is that the artist that we are featuring today does something similar to him, just on a larger scale.

Shannon Holt is, indeed, an American based artist that turns people into canvases for her beautiful and elegant animal paintings. She uses people’s bodies to paint animals. Guido Daniele, on the other hand, uses people’s hands.

Shannon is a fine art body painter and classically trained visual artist, who graduated in 1998 from Tyler School of Art Philadelphia/Rome. Her art is extremely unique as she manages to turn a human body into something else. She uses people’s curves to make animals’ features.

I could actually go on for the whole day talking about her beautiful artistic expressions, but I think you should judge her work for yourself.

The Golden Scope selected the most wonderful pieces she made and put them all together in the photo-gallery below. Enjoy!


(Photos by Shannon Holt)  

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