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If you’re familiar with The Golden Scope, then you should be familiar with today’s article too.

Indeed, “Places unknown by most travellers” is a column we publish every now and then where we talk about wonderful destinations that—as the title suggest—most travellers don’t know about.

We usually feature hotels, towns, natural attractions and hidden historical monuments and buildings.

Some of the places mentioned in our previous eight articles are Bagan in Myanmar, Popeye Village in Malta, Hell’s Gate in Turkmenistan, and Earth Forest in China.

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Anyway, let’s now take a look at today’s destination picks.


The Chocolate Hills are a geological formation located in Bohol Province, in the Philippines. Geologists counted at least 1,776 hills all spread over an area of more than 50 square kilometres. The reason why they are named “Chocolate Hills” is because they are covered in green grass that during the dry season turns the same color as chocolate, so brown.



The Nā Pali Coast State Park spans 6,175 acres of land and is located in the northwest side of Kauaʻi, the oldest inhabited Hawaiian island. The beauty of this natural park is that it is inaccessible by any kind of means of transport. So no cars, helicopters, motorcycles…only hiking and walking. This way travellers can be totally immersed in nature.



The Giardino dei Tarocchi is an artistic park located in the renowned Italian province of wine, Tuscany. This park is absolutely unique as it presents colorful statues and artistic compositions covering the whole area. The idea of creating such a unique park was originated by artist Niki de Saint Phalle.



The Marshall Islands is a group of islands and islets located near the equator in the Pacific Ocean. This island country has a population of 68,480 people, who are spread out over 24 coral atolls. The official languages are English and Mashallese.



Mount Kinabalu is a prominent mountain located in the East Malaysian state of Sabah in Borneo. This mountain presents a trekking path that can only be walked through with a guide. Climbing Mount Kinabalu is like climbing the Everest Mountain, as in you need to book a guide and a trip to the peak—you can’t expect to just show up—and the view from there is absolutely beautiful.


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