Underwater Jellyfish Photography


Today The Golden Scope dedicates a whole article to Russian marine biologist Alexander Semenov, who during one of his expedition—called Aqualitis—took some really incredible underwater shots.

You are probably wondering who and/or what are the subjects of these photos. Be sure that corals and colorful reefs are not involved in the photoshoot. Neither are Dolphins and weird fish.

Semenov managed to capture deep-sea aliens! And by alien I don’t mean extra terrestrial beings, but strange jellyfish that look almost non-terrestrial.

At the moment the marine biologist is still working with a team to explore the deep waters around the world. Aqualitis expedition will last for three years and the purpose for it, is to reveal the hidden animal kingdom living miles under the surface.

We have to admit that he did manage to bring back some pretty incredible shots of jellyfish and marine creatures that have never been seen before.

You can’t actually study gelata (jellyfish) in labs or in an aquarium, because their bodies can fall apart from a single human touch

Explains Semenov.

The team working at Aqualitis is obviously using the innovative equipment and to capture the jellyfish without altering or ruining their habitat.


(Photos from Expedition Aqualitis)

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