Junk Food Portraits


What we are going to show you today is something that is completely new to the art industry.

I mean in our previous articles we did feature portraits and sculptures made of food, or art compositions made of fruit and vegetables. What we never heard or wrote about is real people being covered in junk food and then posing for the camera!

If we had The Golden Scope award for the most unique piece of art I think English artist James Ostrer would win. He managed to create a series of creepy portraits of people covered in fast food. Cream, sweets, burgers, sauces are only some of the numerous things he used as a sort of “make up” to put on people.

He created something so unique and unparalleled that his work has been exhibited at Gazzelli Art House since July 2014.

According to James’ official website,

James Ostrer’s work often tests the limits of the body politics in the ever evolving analysis of the western body, sexuality, and society.

The images, referencing icons of contemporary sugar worship, Ostrer’s imagined result of a corrupted globalization and increasingly dangerous methods of food production, occupied the glass facade of the gallery and spread over the ground floor. A glimpse into a post apocolyptic world which has been destroyed by mass production, we are encouraged to question the decisions that are made for us.



(All photos are taken from GoogleImage.com and they all belong to their original owners)

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