Paper paintings by Miha Brinovec


Miha Brinovec is a 43 years old artist based in Braslovce, Slovenia. We decided to dedicate a whole article to his work, as he makes incredible paintings/portraits. Indeed, instead of using pastels, watercolors or pencils, he covers his canvases with paper.

He makes paintings with old magazines and newspapers.

I create portraits of celebrities and people by choosing bits of color, text and different textures from various magazines.

I like this type of paper art very much, because I am always surprised at how the portrait results. The building-up process may take awhile, but the patience is always rewarded.

Miha also explains on his official website that:

Curiosity is leading me through the art of living. I’m always trying something new to gain new experiences, new knowledge. I surrender myself to the current inspiration which definitely takes me to the place and moment where I have to create.




All Miha’s works are available to buy on his official website.

(Photos by Miha Brinovec)

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