Forest Sculptures by Spencer Byles


Spencer Byles is a very talented French artist who makes sculptures with materials he finds in woods, such as tree branches, leaves and mud.

His work is so unique that it would have been a real shame not to dedicate a whole article to him!

Have you ever heard of someone living in a forest for months to realize an art composition? Before reading about Spencer Byles, I had never heard of wood sculptures.

His art is entirely made of natural materials and this is mainly why it is considered extremely creative, unique and beautiful to see. The shapes of his compositions are also quite peculiar.

There isn’t much about Spencer’s life and background online; he only talks about his artistic inspirations and his works. So let’s see what he says about that!

“A Year in a French Forest” represents my experiences throughout a twelve month period exploring the back regions of three unmanaged local forests making onsite sculptures, in the region of Alpes-Maritimes, France. All the sculptures are temporary, using only natural and found materials sourced at each location.