Paintings made of coffee


While researching for strange and fascinating artworks we came across a very talented painter who, instead of using normal watercolors, paints with coffee!

I mean there are artists that create sculptures made of chocolate, ice or sand; but to be honest I never really heard about someone painting on canvas with coffee…

Does it even stick on the canvases? Doesn’t it fade away? What effect does coffee give to the paintings?

Before taking a look at Maria A. Aristidou stunning artworks, let’s see what she says about her peculiar painting technique.

Coming from the art background, love of commercial art and of course coffee, coffee painting has been one of my recent projects.

I made the first illustration by an accident. Now I mostly create things and figures that I love, which makes painting them much more fun and challenging in order to get the right shape and shade.

I use water paint paper and around 5 different coffee blends (depending on the subject).

Maria A. Aristidou is a commercial artist, illustrator, cake designer in Cyprus and the UK.