John Bramblitt, the blind painter

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When I read the John Bramblitt story, I realized that this Texan 35 years old, is a very special person, an unique artist in the world!

John, despite being blind, paints, and… absolutely wonderful… he teaches  blind children to paint, encouraging them to go beyond their disability and,  in this way makes them happy.

This extraordinary artist lost his sight when he was a young boy because of epilepsy, but, thanks to his willpower and his “boundless” courage to live, he was able to over come his blindness and he cultivated his passion for painting.

He went even further by creating and developing a graphic technique suits people with his same problem which is commonly known as “Style Brambitt”.

John said:

“The community of the blind people has always been isolated because “the others” mainly live based on what they see… but I do not want to be trapped or labelled!”

“A most important step was the search for new materials that would virtually replace my pupils. The lines I draw are thick and protruding so they delimit the space in which the color will stretch. Then I also use a thick paint, that makes a palpable imprint on the canvas. The picture looks almost a sculpture and I can feel touching it.”

“The sense of touch can distinguish the variety of colors on a picture because each tint has a different texture: black is smooth and fluid, white is dense and full-bodied and the other shades of color derive from the combination of various densities.”

Today John is a famous painter in the world, by his “technique of the touch”  he depicts his memories about Texas, before he lost his sight. He is happily married and he is also dad to a few months…His history is and will be an example for many blind people who, inspired by him, will find the strength to live better cultivating their skills and dreams!

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