Makaon’s sculptures by cans

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Every art form and manifestation needs substantial qualities of creativity in who realize a work.

The Japanese artist Makaon combines these qualities; he realizes his creations using an “unusual” choice of material: the recycled cans!

The combination of creativity with unusual material, impress anyone who knows  Makaon’s sculptures … a mix of reality, ecology and manga.

This young Japanese artist expresses contemporary reality, reviving in another form disparate types of aluminum cans……destined for landfill.

Makaon is mainly inspired by great pop icons of our time, from Star Wars to cosmodrome, from cartoons to video games.

His attention to detail is obsessive…but it is also one of the main reasons for its success worldwide.

Nothing is accidental, each particular according to the different subjects of the sculpture. He choose very carefully the kind of cans to be used.

In fact, beer, soda, energy drinks or cocktails cans, are carefully classified and used to create amazing worlds

As an example, we explain how he created Mario: Makaon used exclusively red Coca Cola traditional cans for the hat and the vest, then black cans of Coca-Zero for mustache, hair and shoes and he finished with a Suntory Kinmugi can…its packaging is immaculate….for face and gloves.

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