Hua Tunan’s art

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I’ve always been a great admirer about ancient chinese culture and for me, also every single Chinese character writing is a masterpiece.

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China in few decades has erased the disadvantages of isolation from the rest of the world, mainly due to the maoist period, and today it’s a mix of ancient traditions and modernity.

Hua Tunan is the pseudonym of a young Chinese artist named Cheng Yingjie, born in 1991 in Guangdong Province, in the far south of mainland China.

Cheng is a perfect example of the mix mentioned before, he is an artist who uses a personal technical to paint on road or on canvas, a mix between classical Chinese painting, based colored inks, and modern western graffitis.

Despite his young age, his talent has already procured him some collaborations with famous international brands such as Luis Vuitton, Adidas and Nike, or automakers as Jaguar and Volvo and with the multinational Disney entertainment.

Some animals, painted by this young Chinese, seem alive and ready to get out of the canvas; his works are a particular set of chaos and creativity.

Recently, Galerie F of Chicago has organized the first exhibition entirely dedicated to Hua Tunan, this event has consecrated him internationally!

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