The sculpture according Gary Hovey

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In every home there are old or unnecessary things that are destined to be thrown away… maybe also cutlery… mismatched cutlery. Gary Hovey has invented an incredible way to recycle old cutlery to be scrapped …


Gary in 1987 saw some works created by John Kearney with a very unique raw material, the bumper cars … the thing fascinated him but it was “sleeping” inside him for several years.


In 1994, unfortunately he fell ill… Parkinson… but he did not become overwhelmed by anxiety and for keeping busy he learned to weld…and he continued his life in the USA in Ohio with his wife and four children.


In 2004 he created his first sculpture: a dog running made by an absolutely unique raw material i.e. forks, knives, spoons, then he has modeled and blended with great skill.

Usually Gary prefers to create sculptures of animals for example birds; he “tames” the cutlery of stainless steel to give life to his sculptures… of course his art has been around the world….

This special man simultaneously give free rein to his creativity while at the same time he fought his illness … he teaches us, that to be engaged in any activity, also something artistic, may be therapeutic in the fight against a disease!

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