The strange art of Masayoshi Matsumoto

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Everyone has seen sometimes an “artist street” making funny figures with colorful balloons and then sell them to the enraptured children.

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Sometime at children’s birthday parties there are also animators to manipulate colored balloons creating fun shapes as gifts for invitees.

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The Japanese artist Masayoshi Matsumoto does more! We want to reiterate the title “artist” because his creativity is truly remarkable.

Detailed animals figures, various types of plants and more….Matsumoto creates a lot of things only using inflated colorful balloons.

This may seem trivial, but we believe that anyone, after seeing the photos that The Golden Scope selected, will be positively surprised by the “works” of this imaginative Japanese.

It is important to underline that he does not use any other materials, in addition to balloons, not even tape to color and combine the various parts; not even other accessories to embellish and customize his creations.

He uses a single “raw material” but the results are truly remarkable and, the “strange” art of Masayoshi Matsumoto is appreciated not only by children but, in fact, even by adults ….

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