Rewind: beautiful houses surrounded by only nature

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Written by Valentina Romano

For those of you who love to be immersed in the peace and tranquillity of nature, The Golden Scope prepared an article featuring the most fascinating and wonderful houses surrounded by the lush greenery of a forest, jungle or a wood.

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To escape the frantic city life, you could hide in one of those beautiful buildings for a couple of days. You will actually find that once you come out of there, you will be completely recharged, refreshed and stress-free!

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Try to picture yourself sitting on a wooden porch overlooking a frozen lake. The air is thin and extremely cold and the only noise you ears can hear is birds twittering.


If you can’t stand the cold, then think about a stunning cottage hidden in a tropical jungle. Nothing and no one bothering you: no cars, no people shouting, just you and nature.


If you like the sound of that, you will surely enjoy the following photos capturing the most beautiful houses built in woods, jungles and forests.

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While looking at those pictures, you will realise that all the buildings, even if from different areas of the world and different climates, have one thing in common: they all follow an eco-friendly architecture, which allows them to blend in the greenery of the surroundings.

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Most of the houses featured in this article are privately owned, and probably not on sale, so the only thing you can do now, is just enjoy the following photos and pretend you’re there!

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(All photos are from, and they all belong to their original owners)

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