Rewind: guide to the best farm stays


Written by Valentina Romano

Do you love being outdoors? Do you wish you could play with animals 24/h?

If your answer to these two questions is YES, then your dream holiday should be in a farm!

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This is not a joke. There are places somewhere in the countryside where the owners turned their farms into – sometimes even luxury – hotels.

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From Australia, to the UK, U.S., and Canada, be ready to read all about the best and most beautiful farms where you can have an incredible vacation “into the wild”.

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If you’re bored of the usual hotels packed with screaming tourists, then head to one of those farms.

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Imagine not having to queue at the buffet to have breakfast. Imagine being the only guest in the hotel. Staying in a farm would literally mean that it’s just you, your travel companion/s, and maybe few sheep.

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If you’re convinced about this farm-holiday idea, then take a look at The Golden Scope’s guide to the best farm hotels.

Royalla Luxury Farmstay – Australia
Located only two hours away from Sydney, this beautiful farm hotel is perfect for a luxury-secluded getaway. The rooms are about $212 per night.
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 Abbey Road Farm Bed & Breakfast – Oregon, U.S.
This farm is the place-to-be for all those who are passionate about wines. With more than 200 wineries within a half-hour’s drive, Abbey Road Farm – a part from being a hotel – is also home to numerous goats and chickens!
Abbey-Road-Farm-Stay-Oregon 1Abbey-Road-Farm-Stay-Oregon 1bAbbey-Road-Farm-Stay-Oregon 1dAbbey-Road-Farm-Stay-Oregon 1eAbbey-Road-Farm-Stay-Oregon 2Abbey-Road-Farm-Stay-Oregon 2aAbbey-Road-Farm-Stay-Oregon 3Abbey-Road-Farm-Stay-Oregon 3aAbbey-Road-Farm-Stay-Oregon 4Abbey-Road-Farm-Stay-Oregon 4aAbbey-Road-Farm-Stay-Oregon 4bAbbey-Road-Farm-Stay-Oregon 5

Eckington Manor Cookery School and Farm – England
Featuring spacious common areas and 15 elegant rooms, Eckington Manor is not just a place to de-stress, but when there it is also possible to learn one trick or two on how to be a good cook! The farm is in Worcestershire.
Eckington-Manor-Farm-Stay-Worcestershire-UK 1Eckington-Manor-Farm-Stay-Worcestershire-UK 1aEckington-Manor-Farm-Stay-Worcestershire-UK 2Eckington-Manor-Farm-Stay-Worcestershire-UK 2aEckington-Manor-Farm-Stay-Worcestershire-UK 2bEckington-Manor-Farm-Stay-Worcestershire-UK 2cEckington-Manor-Farm-Stay-Worcestershire-UK 2dEckington-Manor-Farm-Stay-Worcestershire-UK 2eEckington-Manor-Farm-Stay-Worcestershire-UK 2fEckington-Manor-Farm-Stay-Worcestershire-UK 2gEckington-Manor-Farm-Stay-Worcestershire-UK 3Eckington-Manor-Farm-Stay-Worcestershire-UK 3aEckington-Manor-Farm-Stay-Worcestershire-UK 3c

 Damali Bed & Breakfast – Canada
Damali B&B follows the same style as a French farmhouse. Framed with lavender fields and trees, this hotel has also a winery where it’s possible to arrange wine tasting. The farm is located in the Cowichan Valley in British Columbia.
Damali-Farm-Stay-British-Columbia 1Damali-Farm-Stay-British-Columbia 1aDamali-Farm-Stay-British-Columbia 1b ingrandireDamali-Farm-Stay-British-Columbia 1cDamali-Farm-Stay-British-Columbia 1dDamali-Farm-Stay-British-Columbia 1e

Holualoa Inn – Hawaii
Holualoa Inn is hidden in the middle of 30 acres of land. Perfect to relax and unwind, this farm hotel is not only immersed in nature, but it is also located near to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.
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