Rewind: I cook, I shoot, kids eat

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Written by Valentina Romano

Food-art is becoming more and more popular among artists.

Remember Ida Frosk and her wonderful creations? (the-art-toast-project-by-ida-frosk)

And what about the numerous sculptors making edible artworks? (its-a-foods-world)

Not to mention the creative dad preparing beautiful lunchboxes for his kids! (artistic-lunch-box-strange-ways-to-prepare-food)

Or even the talented Turkish artist, Hasan Kale, and his miniature-food-art. (hasan-kale-and-food-miniature-art)

All these people have been making outstanding art pieces using edible materials, and so has Samantha Lee.


This young artist is “an online food star who makes whimsical, colourful and imaginative meals she whips up for her 2 young daughters and photographs for her 260,000 plus followers on Instagram.”


Explains Samantha on her website

I started making food art in December 2008. When I was heavily pregnant with my second daughter. It was to encourage my elder daughter to eat independently after the arrival of her younger sister.


Samantha explains that she sketches her designs before making them into food, this way she can organise the material and she can also avoid wasting food.


Scissors, knives and toothpicks are my tools. I like to make something practical, something for everyone to be able to follow.

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For more information on Samantha Lee’s art visit 

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