Rewind: Robin Wight, the Fairy Man

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Written by Valentina Romano

English sculptor Robin Wight – also known as the ‘fairy man’ – has been enchanting the whole world with his incredible creations exposed at The Tretham Estate in Stoke-on-Trent, UK.


The artist specialises in stainless steel wire creations, and for The Trentham Estate he prepared a series of wonderful fairies sculptures.


All artworks are located all over the Trentham Garden, and they are positioned in such a way that they completely blend in with the natural surroundings.

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Robin writes on The Trentham Estate’s website that:

When I first started making the wire fairies, I dreamt of doing a sales pitch to Trentham Gardens in the hope that one day, assuming a few years in the future, I would see one on display there. Trentham Gardens represented the perfect setting and target audience for my work.


He explains the philosophy behind his beautiful artworks:

I try to design sculptures with movement, a story and engineering tricks to make the viewer think, “what’s holding that up?”


Robin also talks about what inspired him to create one particular sculpture:

The new fairy was named ‘Wishes’, in honour of Sir Stanley Clarke’s wish to regenerate the famous Estate and to send a positive message that wishes do come true at Trentham. ‘Wishes’ enjoys a commanding position on the edge of the Italian Gardens, providing the traditional Gardens a modern twist.


In order to make these beautiful sculptures, Robin has to first prepare a steel skeleton to support the wires. Once the skeleton is done, he warps the threads around it creating muscles, body mass and finally the skin. Voilà a fairy sculpture!


A part from exposing his works at The Trentham Estate, Robin also sells and makes sculptures for private clients.





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