The miniatures of Shay Aaron

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In last weeks The Golden Scope showed you some sculptors that use raw materials such as steel. Today we show you the amazing works of Shay Aaron; what’s the particularity? These works are different types of food/dishes…. in miniature.

This Israeli miniaturist, who lives in Tel Aviv, plays sculptures of food with an incredible precision for details, generally they miniatures in 1/12 scale….but they are really realistic!

Shay sculpts with surprising accuracy, dishes, vegetables, sandwiches and desserts. He started about ten years ago and over time he increasingly honed his technique up to the recent creations that show us all his talent.

The sculptor uses primarily a synthetic plastic called fimo, it is also used for the creation of mini-jewelry/bijoux.

In fact, he created a series of pendants, earrings and rings with miniatures absolutely indistinguishable from the objects in real size, and everyone can buy on the site:

The images show you as the miniatures are so well done that in the illustrative photos Shay is “forced” showing them together the fingers of one hand, or other usual objects to depict the idea of the size of his works!

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