The steel of Selçuk Yilmaz

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Since I was a child I has always associated the concept of sculpture with the image of a sculptor, who in front of a block of rock, marble etc., carving, creates a work of art depicting humans, animals or other…

1 Michelangelo-Mose

In the third millennium, creative sculptors use any type of raw material, from the rock to the food material, from metals to recycling materials… unfortunately the latter raw material abounds in our crazy and frantic race to consumerism ….

Selçuk Yilmaz is a sculptor who uses the steel,  this raw material must to be “tamed” and “forged” to create a sculpture.

Recently this turkish artist has created a work called Haslan, in Turkish this word means lion. This is the animal that he has played.

It wasn’t a work easy for him …. do you think that he has worked for a year to assemble 4000 pieces made of metal to produce a life-sized lion that weighs 550 kilos.

Obviously this is only his latest work, as you can see from the pictures showing some of his creations.

But there is another aspect that struck me reading one interview to him, and it does not regard the “modern” raw material  used for his sculptures ….

Selçuk tells that he lives in a bustling, chaotic town, but during the summer he escapes to the mountains just to stay in touch with nature and, of course, with himself.

Magically, the loneliness opens the door to his creativity and away social alienation, the contact with nature become the true and fundamental inspiration of his amazing works of art.


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