Rewind: characteristic european towns

Marken, the Netherlands

Are you planning on travelling around Europe, but you are not sure where to go yet?

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Obviously you should head to Paris, Rome, London and all the most important capital cities, but at the same time you should also visit small remote villages.

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Why is that? Well, first of all because small towns are not necessarily covered in tourists, and in addition to this, villages can be the perfect places to learn and get to know the local culture without any kind of distraction, such as clubs, bars, tourist traps…etc.

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You could rightfully argue that some towns are tourist trap themselves, however, because we are aware of that, we only chose the least popular—but most beautiful—villages for you to read about!

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Below are five stunning towns that people might not have heard of. From Croatia to Italy and Netherlands, take a look at the following secluded, and not so renowned, European villages, and start writing down your itinerary!


Pučišća is a small town located on the island of Brač, in the Split-Dalmatia County. This village played a very important role in the history of Croatia, as in 1571 the city resited the Turks successfully.
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Dhërmi is one of the nine villages of the Himara region in Albania. It is situated 42 kilometres south of the city of Vlorë (the capital of the Prefecture). The village was built on right on a beautiful beach and it faces the clear water of the Mediterranean.
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Located in the municipality Waterland, in the province North Holland, Marken is definitely a must-visit as it presents characteristic wooden houses, which are actually habited by locals.
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Tindari is a small city in the Province of Messina in Sicily. It is situated on a promontory overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea. Tindari used to be a Greek city, and it is one of the latest of all the towns in Sicily that could claim a purely Greek origin.
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Peratallada is a town located in the municipality of Forallac, in Catalonia, Spain. Its name is derived from “pedra tallada”, which means ‘carved stone’. Indeed, the majority of the buildings in the village are built with carved stones.
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