Rewind: edible sculptures by Dan Cretu


Written by Valentina Romano

Quite a while a go The Golden Scope published an article on the most creative food-artists in the world, featuring Kyle Bean, Red Hong Yi, Carl Kleiner and many others.

However, we recently realized that we missed one very talented individual, Dan Cretu. This Romanian artist has been in the spotlight for quite a while, as he has been making the most creative and peculiar edible sculptures.


Dan considers himself “a professional photographer specialized in eco art”—as he specifies on his websiteas he blends food artworks with photography.


He explains that because the items used to make his artworks are all fresh, he needs to shoot the sculptures over a period of 4 hours, and not longer than that, as otherwise the food would go bad with all the heat and lighting used for the photo-shoot.


Art is a very subjective thing, some people might not like what we like and vice-versa, so I will let you decide and judge Dan Cretu’s work. Take a look at the following photos and let us know what you think of these (wonderful, creative, vivid, fresh and strange) sculptures!




(Photos by Dan Cretu)

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