Li Xiaofeng’s fashion sculptures

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China is a big country, with the largest population in the world, with a fascinating ancient culture and a great tradition of craftsmanship in various sectors such as the hand embroidery of tablecloths, bedspreads, sheets, clothing and that of fine ceramics decorated with paintings entirely handmade too.

Li Xiaofeng is the Chinese artist that with imagination and creativity is able to “mix” the two sectors mentioned before to realize some clothes using fabric as fragments of ancient Chinese porcelain!

His garments are made with a base of skin tissue, because it is sufficiently resistant to the weights of applications; on which shards of porcelain of various periods of ancient China are applied.

In fact, in the artist’s workroom, stored in large baskets, there are porcelain fragments; they are divided on the basis of the time:  Song, Ming and Qing Yuan; of the colors of the drawings and the form.

A consecration of international reputation in the clothing sector, in 2010, the famous brand Lacoste has commissioned to Li Xiaofeng a series of polo, a limited series, of course.

To realize them, Li has considered the porcelain white and blue, from archaeological excavations on the Ming Dynasty, depicting lotus and children, each was photographed and placed on a digital model size of the pole to arrive at the final result …

Obviously, both the series Lacoste that all other creations, you do not have to think about clothes for all occasions … but something very special, absolutely spectacular and, above all, unique …

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