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Written by Valentina Romano

Looking at the maps, Vietnam is the long, narrow country that lies between the South China Sea, Laos, Cambodia and China. Officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is ranked as the 13th most populous country in the world.

Its capital is Hanoi, which is near the northern border, but the largest city in Vietnam is Ho Chi Min which is located in the southern part of the country.

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Vietnam offers its important cultural heritage together breathtaking scenery of rice fields, forests, mountains, and beautiful white sand beaches. It could be the perfect destination for various types of travelers because it offers a variety of activities such as guided tours, jungle trekking, and for the lazy…. relax on the beach (however for us, this is not an activity…)

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According to some archaeologists, Vietnam has been inhabited since prehistoric times. However, it was regarded as a state around 200 b.C. during the Hong Bang Dynasty.

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Between 1862 and 1945, Vietnam was a French colony, and this is the reason that, the second state language, is French.

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Today, unfortunately, in the collective memory, this beautiful country is remembered for the terrible Vietnam War fought by the Americans in the period 1960-1975.

A trip to Vietnam is really something special… what I mean is that this great country deserves to be known for its “entire” historical heritage and for its extraordinary natural beauty.

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Mekong River Delta

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Hue City, the Imperial Mausoleum Complex

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Hội An Town

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Monumental Complex of Mỹ Sơn

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Ha Long Bay

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