Traveling on luxury trains


As we previously mentioned in our article on train rides that will take your breath away, travelling by train can sometimes be much better than travelling by plane.

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Why is that – you are probably wondering? Well first of all because when sitting in a carriage, it is possible to admire the landscape changing from the window, whereas from a plane you would only be able to see clouds and maybe a bit of land.

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Secondly, travelling by train can be much more comfortable than travelling by plane. Indeed, a 12 hours plane ride is quite tiring, especially if you’re flying economy, as the seat is small and you can’t really walk anywhere because you’re in the middle of the sky. If you are on a train, on the other hand, you can have a large seat – even if you’re in economy – and if you need to stretch, you can go for a walk to the bar/restaurant.

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Let’s now stop for a second. Imagine that the luxury of a first class plane trip is combined with the comfort and panoramic view of a train ride. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

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Well, this is not just in our imagination, as there are several trains designed to give to the passengers a blissful experience. When on board of those trains, it will be possible to experience the height of luxury.

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If you are curious to know where those means of transport leave from and go to, and what are they called, have a look at the following photos capturing the world’s most luxurious trains.

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From Asia to Europe and Africa, The Golden Scope put together a list of some of the most beautiful and luxurious trains where to have an incredibly sophisticated journey.

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Venice Simplon-Orient Express: Venice, Istanbul, Krakow, Dresden, Prague and Paris.
venice-simplon 1venice-simplon 2venice-simplon 3venice-simplon 4venice-simplon 5venice-simplon 6venice-simplon 7venice-simplon 8venice-simplon 9venice-simplon 10venice-simplon 11venice-simplon 12venice-simplon 13venice-simplon 14venice-simplon 15venice-simplon 16venice-simplon 17venice-simplon 18venice-simplon 20venice-simplon 21venice-simplon 22

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Rovos Rail Pride of Africa: South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Tanzania

PrideofAfrica 1resizePrideofAfrica 2 ingrPrideofAfrica 2a resizePrideofAfrica 4 resizePrideofAfrica 5PrideofAfrica 6PrideofAfrica 7PrideofAfrica 8PrideofAfrica 9PrideofAfrica 10PrideofAfrica 11PrideofAfrica 12PrideofAfrica 13 ingrPrideofAfrica 15PrideofAfrica 17PrideofAfrica 19

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Golden Eagle: Trans-Siberian route (Moscow, Vladivostok, Silk Road, Russia’s Arctic and the Caspian)

Golden Eagle 1Golden Eagle 2Golden Eagle 3Golden Eagle 5Golden Eagle 6Golden Eagle 6aGolden Eagle 7Golden Eagle 8Golden Eagle 9Golden Eagle 10Golden Eagle 11 resizeGolden Eagle 12Golden Eagle 13Golden Eagle 14Golden Eagle 15Golden Eagle 16Golden Eagle 17 resizeGolden Eagle 18 ingr

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Royal Scotsman: Scottish Highlands

Royal Scotsman 1Royal Scotsman 2 resizeRoyal Scotsman 3Royal Scotsman 4Royal Scotsman 7Royal Scotsman 8Royal Scotsman 9Royal Scotsman 10Royal Scotsman 11Royal Scotsman 12Royal Scotsman 13Royal Scotsman 14Royal Scotsman 15Royal Scotsman 16Royal Scotsman 17Royal Scotsman 18Royal Scotsman 20Royal Scotsman 21 resizeRoyal Scotsman 22Royal Scotsman 23Royal Scotsman 24

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