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This article is dedicated to all those who love the cold and, more importantly, love going on holiday to unconventional places. Indeed, today we are concentrating on all the best places to visit when in Antarctica.

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This deserted, remote an unpopular holiday destination is actually one of the world’s most wonderful and fascinating regions. When there, it will like being on another planet: infinite white level-grounds, total peace and tranquillity and coldness are the only things to accompany you throughout your stay in the Antarctica. No noisy tourists, no noisy cars, no noisy bars and restaurants. Nothing but you and nature.

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The Antarctica is the area around the Earth’s South Pole, opposite the Arctic region around the North Pole. This region of the world, which is an actual continent, is composed by ice shelves, waters, and island territories.

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The Antarctica was first discovered in 1675 by Anthony de la Roché, an English merchant. However, the first time this region was actually acknowledged in geographical documentation was in 1820, after an expedition of Russians explored the whole of the Antarctica.

Ice, ocean, clouds and sun, Antarctica.

Among the numerous animals habiting this part of the planet are: seals, penguins, South Georgia Pipits, albatrosses, and different kinds of whale.


The first tourists to visit the Antarctica came by boat in the 1960s. This is because flights to the Antarctica only started to be operated around the 1970s.

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If you want to fly to the South Pole you can take off from Australia (for more information visit antarcticaflights.com.au).


The only time you could go on a tour of the Antarctica is from November until March. During the period between April and October, this part of the world becomes hostile and unlivable.

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The Golden Scope prepared a list of the most incredible locations for you to go visit when in the Antarctica.

Lemaire Channel is an extremely scenic passage between Kiev Peninsula in the mainland’s Graham Land and Booth Island.
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Deception Island is a wonderful island located in the South Shetland Islands Archipelago. It is the caldera of an active volcano.

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Half Moon Island has been declared an Important Bird Area (IBA) by BirdLife International, as it is home to a breeding colony of about 100 pairs of South Polar Skuas.

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Paradise Harbor is quite renowned thanks a shelter that was built on the island in 1950, which today is considered a Historic Site.

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Penguin Island was named this way by a British expedition that in 1820 managed to reach the island. When they first sighted the land, penguins were completely covering the shores.

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Hannah Point features numerous types of animals, such as birds, elephant seals and penguins. It is located on Livingston Island and it is a popular spot for cruise ships.

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Other places to visit are: Neumayer Channel (Port Lockroy)King George IslandHope BayDry Valleys.

Neumayer Channel (Port Lockroy)
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King George Island

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Hope Bay

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Dry Valleys 

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